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Kkea 1420 enables people to listen, discover and follow what’s going on in the business world. Besides broadcasting on air for 24 hours, the radio also provides 24 hour online streaming. With more than 5 million listeners from all over Canada, this radio focuses on providing both national and international business news. It has two channels to broadcast these two types of news separately.


National Business Room


In the national business channel, we broadcast news about local businesses.

You will find about new companies that are emerging on the market, new products, technologies, etc.

Besides news, there will be features and documentaries on different companies, interviews of the business executives, and many more.

International Business Room

International Business Room

This channel provides vital news and information services on the international businesses.

You will get to know who is making it to the Fortune 500 list and who is falling from it.

 We feature documentaries on the biggest companies in the world in order to encourage the new entrepreneurs.

Online broadcasting

We provide live streaming of all our broadcasting services. We have a specialized team that looks after this section.

Kkea 1420 has successfully created its own market. We continuously train our team to bring out the best from them. We sometimes look for knowledgeable and smart presenters to join our team. If you think you have the qualities to be a good presenter of business news, then please email your profile to us. If you are a business owner, you can advertise your business on our radio. It’s a very good platform to reach a large number of audiences.

Keep on listening to Kkea 1420, your most trusted local and international business news broadcaster.

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